Intermediate acoustic / electric guitar lessons


Intermediate acoustic/electric guitar lessons are suitable for those who have been playing guitar for two years or more. This program suits you if you know all basic major and minor chords, how to harmonize melodies with simple chords, and fingerstyle guitar essentials. The program is designed to expand and deepen professional knowledge and skills, further improve your ability to play by ear, familiarize you with the basic principles of improvisation and solo phrasing, and teach musical compositions of different genres (pop, rock, blues, jazz, etc.).


  • New chords and chord progressions, barre chords, and chord inversions. Complex guitar chords: diminished, augmented, and suspended chords, different chord alterations, and slash chords. Fundamental principles of adding an extra note to the basic chords and improvised patterns.
  • Pentatonic, blues, and diminished scales; how to make barre chords sound clear and clean. String muting techniques and different ways to silence guitar strings. Playing all over the neck and developing your hammer-on and hammer-off technique. Finding natural (open) harmonics on each string, and learning the rolling technique. Two to three octave major/minor scales and how to harmonize them with chords. Major and minor triads and movable chord forms.
  • Playing different musical styles, harmonizing melodies with complex chords and chord inversions, improvisation and basics phrasing skills. Scales: Dorian, Lydian, Mixolydian, etc. Different chord progressions for different musical styles (pop, rock, blues, etc.). Building solo phrases and constructing a melodic solo based on natural and chromatic scales. *Your teacher can also help you identify your vocal range if you’d like to sing while playing guitar.
  • In addition (for electric guitar only), you will learn about electric guitar gear and pedals, modulations, delay, wah-wah effects, crucial basic strumming, and rock riffs.

Edora Music School is a classically oriented school where the education is organized using modern computer technologies. We provide our students with an opportunity to learn musical instruments with a personal teacher online through Skype.

According to recent research, the effectiveness of education under a teacher’s supervision is 70% higher compared to self-study by online music courses and various YouTube lessons. However, you can learn a guitar on your own, but it would not be worth it. This is because most times, to learn on your own a piece of music effectively takes a few months. During this period probably, you would lose motivation and confidence in yourself.
In other words, various online music courses & tutorials that are promoted on the Internet, despite the growing popularity, will not replace the live communication with the teacher, and would not give you the desired rapid progress.

Besides, self-study does not give you a real assessment and evaluation of your performance level, which often leads to failures and mistakes such as the wrong choice of a musical piece (for instance, an advanced composition that is a few levels higher than your current level). You might even stop playing guitar and lose all interest in studying.

The teachers of Edora Music School will help you love studying and playing guitar. There are a large number of sites that could provide similar services, but our research has shown us the administrations of these sites have no idea about their freelancers’ competence. Unlike them, Edora Music School arranges labor contracts only with certified teachers whose qualifications we are confident about. All of our teachers possess vast pedagogical experience, have graduated from the best European music academies, and have earned many awards for their performance as musicians. They are able to meet the selection criteria to a very high standard, and we can assure you the best quality of services and professionalism from our team.

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