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About Edora Music School

Edora Music School was established in 2015 and initially specialized in teaching classical and acoustic guitar only. Within two years we opened new musical programs, and now we provide individual online lessons in the following musical disciplines: guitar (classical, acoustic, electric), vocal (contemporary, traditional), violin, mandolin, piano, and banjo. By the end of 2021, we plan to open a class for wind instruments (flute, saxophone, and clarinet) and percussion instruments (drum set, xylophone).

We embrace the modern approach of obtaining quality educational services through the use of new technologies. Our goal is to provide a high level of services at a significantly lower cost (compared to the basic cost of lessons at traditional music schools). We are proud that there are no additional fees at Edora Musical School, including registration and commencement, and we provide our students with study materials – such as TABS, sheet music, etc. – free of charge.

We make training easy, productive, and most comfortable for you. All of our teachers have vast pedagogical experience, and many of them have graduated from the best European music academies and have won awards for their performance as musicians. The school’s administration is fully responsible for the professionalism, competence, and qualification of each teacher we hire.

The Edora Music School head office is located in Brescia, Lombardy region, Italy. If you need to get in touch with the administration, please send us an e-mail or contact us through the feedback form.



Daria is the founder and CEO of Edora Music School. She is the classical/acoustic guitar and banjo teacher, and she brings a vast pedagogical experience to her students. She is also the winner of the numerous awards at several international music competitions and festivals.

Daria started to learn classical guitar in music school in Ukraine at the age of 6. During her years of schooling, she repeatedly became a laureate of competitions in Ukraine and Russia. For several years, she was a grant-holder of the government program, "Gifted Children of Ukraine."



Elena is a teacher of acoustic guitar, classical mandolin, and bluegrass mandolin at Edora Music School. Elena started her professional education at a music school in Sievierodonetsk, from which she graduated with honors in 1998. In the same year, she entered the Music Department of Sievierodonetsk Music College. At the beginning of her career, she showed herself to be a talented and gifted musician who has won many competitions in Ukraine and abroad.



Vera is a teacher of classical and jazz violin at Edora Musical School. Vera received her primary education in a music school in the small town of Znamenka, from which she graduated with honors in 1997. In the same year, she entered the Strings Department (violin) of the Kirovohrad Musical College. Thanks to her academic excellence, she became a soloist of the Kirovograd Chamber Orchestra “Elisavet,” where she showed herself to be a gifted orchestral player whose professional level is on a par with the most advanced musicians. While she was studying at college, Vera also tried her hand at teaching.



Margaret is a singing teacher at Edora Music School. She has a powerful voice and a strong educational background. She performs well in both contemporary music (pop, jazz, rock) and classicalmusic. Margaret's parents sawher tremendous vocal talent even when she was a small girl, and they decided to send her to music school to study singing.



Daria is a piano teacher at Edora Music School. She began studying piano in 2000, and after completing a course of study at St. Petersburg Music School in 2008, Daria entered the Mussorgsky College of Music (St. Petersburg, Russia). She graduated from the college in 2013 and continued her studies at Herzen State Pedagogical University (St. Petersburg, Russia), where she earned a master's degree in Piano Performance. Her teacher was the famous pianist, People’s Artist of Russia – Pavel Egorov.



At Edora Music School, all online lessons are conducted with the same principles as traditional in-person one-on-one lessons, with the only difference being that the communication between the teacher and the student goes through a Skype video call. Nowadays, online learning is incredibly in demand, and it is an excellent alternative to classroom instruction. It’s the most convenient and suitable way to learn music for people with a busy schedule or irregular work hours. This system has been working for many years and is straightforward to use. To study successfully online, you will need high-speed Internet, a high-quality webcam (built-in or portable), good lighting, and of course your musical instrument. In order to avoid technical difficulties or disruptions, your Internet connection speed should be at least 1.5 Mb/sec (the Internet connection speed can be tasted here). All Edora Music School teachers use high quality and up-to-date equipment (cameras, microphones, etc.), which help us to provide the best video and audio communication during the class.

You will need a tablet or a computer with a webcam (built-in or portable) that is connected to a reliable high-speed Internet. You will also need your musical instrument. It’s always a good idea to have notebook or notepad with you, and print out the piece/song you are currently working on (for classical music programs, please print out the sheet music). We also recommend printing out all the notes, exercises, and TABS that your teacher sends you before each lesson. More information about related equipment can be found here.

The standard lesson at Edora Music School for all musical programs lasts 60 minutes. We have found that 30-minute lessons are ineffective, especially since “warming up” either the voice or the hands can take up to 15 minutes, which does not leave enough time for the lesson itself. We have found that an hour is the ideal length of time for our students to learn effectively.

Information about the price of a single lesson, as well as lesson packages, can be found on this page. The cost of the lesson depends on the musical instrument, and we provide 5- and 10-lessons packages at a discounted rate. Thus, the more lessons you buy, the more money you save. We are proud that there are no additional fees at Edora Musical School, including registration and commencement, and we provide our students with study materials, such as TABS, sheet music, etc. free of charge. The cost of study at Edora Music School is significantly lower compared to traditional music colleges, where the high price of lessons is due to the lease of the premises and staff salaries. Training online does not require the same financial investment, and it is just as effective as the classroom version!

To book a lesson, go to the “LESSON PRICES” page. Choose the musical instrument you are interested in and click “BOOK.” The lesson you select will be added to the SHOPPING CART. To confirm the booking, go to the shopping cart and click “CONTINUE.” You will be asked to log in or register. Fill in all the fields of the registration form and send the application. A confirmation letter will be sent to you by e-mail; click on the link to confirm your e-mail. You can also register on our website using one of the social networks.
After you successfully enter the site, on your dashboard in the “MY LESSONS” section, your lesson will appear. To complete the booking, click “COMPLETE RESERVATION” and fill out the form. You will be asked to choose a musical instrument, the preferred day and time of the lesson, your time zone, etc. This information is necessary for us to plan your lesson as accurately as possible, and also to find the right teacher for you. When the operation is complete in the “MY LESSONS” section, the status of the lessons will change to “WAITING FOR CONFIRMATION.”
After we receive your request, we will pick a teacher for you, and we will also contact you to clarify the details. When all sides coordinate the exact time and date of the lesson on your dashboard in the “MY LESSONS” section, the status of the lesson will change to “PAY.” Click “PAY” and choose any convenient way to pay. Please note that the order is considered confirmed in the case of 100% payment, and only in this case will your teacher wait for you online at the agreed time.
You can schedule your next lesson with a teacher during your session with him, or by emailing us. After the School Administration receives your application with the exact date and time of your next lesson in the “MY LESSONS” section, your new lesson with the status “PAY” will appear.
For our regular customers, we provide discounts for five or 10 individual lessons with the teacher via Skype. If you purchase a package of five or 10 lessons, arrange the time and date for each of your next lessons with your teacher.

You can choose the method of payment that is convenient for you. Now we accept payment by credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. The security encryption of our site uses asymmetric cryptography to authenticate exchange keys to maintain confidentiality, which ensures the security of your data and gives reliable protection against unauthorized access. You can be sure of the safety of any transaction on our website.

If the lesson was not completed due to lack of or poor Internet connection from the side of the teacher of Edora Music School (the teacher was absent at the scheduled time, poor Internet connection, or other connection issues from the teacher’s side, etc.), we guarantee a 100% refund of the lesson’s cost. All such situations, as well as discussion about the refund for a lesson, will be conducted on a case-by-case basis. We do not refund for a lesson that did not take place due to the student’s fault. This includes if the student was not online at the appointed time, there was no or poor Internet connection from the student’s side, etc.

If your teacher did not show up for the lesson, or the lesson did not take place because of poor Internet connection from the teacher’s side, you will be asked to reschedule the lesson for any day and time convenient for you. If you do not wish to reschedule a lesson and want to request a refund, please contact us via email info@edorams.com. In the body of the message, specify the date of the lesson, the teacher’s name, and the reason why your lesson did not take place. If you are certain that the problem occurred from the teacher’s side, please include in your email screenshot with your Internet speed from speedtest.net. Make sure your screenshot indicates day and time which corresponds to the time and date of the failed Lesson. Note that you can request a refund for a lesson that did not take place due to the Edora Music School teacher’s fault within 48 hours from the actual lesson time. If you fail to contact us within 48 hours, such a lesson will be considered as taken place, and the money will not be refunded.

Refunds for failed or canceled lessons will be made through PayPal, which usually takes from five to seven working days. Please note that the 100% money back guarantee does not cover the PayPal money transfer fee.
We also advise all of our students to check their Internet connection speed and all the necessary technical equipment—including computer, laptop, web camera, microphone—before each lesson starts.
The teacher will wait online on Skype for 20 minutes from the beginning of the lesson. If the student does not show up within this time, the lesson will be considered to have taken place, and the money will not be refunded.
Here you can find more information about the Edora Music School refund policy.

Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before the appointed time. To cancel your lesson, please contact us by e-mail info@edorams.com or use the feedback form. If you reach us less than 48 hours before the actual lesson time, we will charge the full price of the lesson. If you decide to take a break from the training, all the unused lessons will be valid for four months, and at any convenient time, you can resume your studies in our school (unused lessons after this period will be deemed cancelled with no refund).

If the teaching style does not suit you, and you do not want to continue studying at our school, you must cancel the next lesson at least 48 hours before the appointed time, and we will refund unused lessons of a package.
Refunds for canceled lessons will be made through PayPal, which usually takes from five to seven working days. Please note that the money back guarantee does not cover the PayPal money transfer fee.

You can find detailed information about our cancelation policy here.

The administration of Edora Music School tries to be very flexible when it comes to rescheduling lessons. If you want to reschedule the lesson for another day or time, contact us by email at least 24 hours before the actual lesson time. In the text of the message specify the reasons why you cannot attend your lesson and indicate the preferred new day and time (specify several possible dates to facilitate the search of the suitable date). We will do our best to reschedule the lesson for any convenient day and time. Rescheduling is completely free. Note that you can reschedule the same lesson only once. If the lesson is rescheduled, but the student did not appear online at the appointed time, such a lesson is considered as taken place, and the payment will not be refunded. All the timetable changes should be carried out only through the Edora Music School administration and not with the teacher directly.

Edora Music School provides lessons for adults and children from 12 years of age in the following areas of musical educational: guitar (classical, acoustic, electric), vocal (classical, contemporary), violin, piano, mandolin, and banjo. Our lessons will suit both absolute beginners who are just beginning their musical education, those who for some reason stopped their studies of music but would like to resume, as well as those who are already advanced musicians. You can find here more information about our musical programs here.

Thanks to modern computer technologies, music training has become convenient in the comfort of your home, no matter where you live. You do not need to spend time on the road and adjust yourself to the uncomfortable schedule of traditional schools. With individual online studying, you can save time, effort, and money.

This is one of the advantages of online lessons! Save time, money and effort because you do not need to travel. When attending a regular music school, you are usually restricted to specific hours when most people are available for lessons. With online lessons, you can prioritize your time because they give you so much flexibility. You can choose any time that suits you.
Therefore, if you cannot fit in-person lessons into your schedule, then online teaching is the best choice for you. Receive the same expert tutelage as you would in person while benefitting from a flexible schedule, which is extremely helpful if you are balancing your or your child’s music studies with work and family life.

Most traditional music schools are tied to certain working hours, and we know how difficult it is to find time for a lesson if your working hours coincide with the working hours of schools. As often happens, when you have free time for your music lesson, most of the standard schools are already closed. Lessons at Edora Music School give you the flexibility to choose a time that is convenient for you, whether it is 6 am or 11 pm. For your comfort, we work in a “non-stop” mode without a break for the weekend or holidays.

Edora Music School offers a 50% discount for the first lesson (TRIAL) for the guitar (classical or acoustic), mandolin, and banjo. We provide trials lessons as an opportunity to understand if the training style at Edora Music school suits you before you go on a long journey with us. Note that only one trial lesson is available per teacher. Unfortunately, we do not offer trial lessons on instruments such as violin, piano, vocal, and electric guitar due to the teachers’ hectic schedules in these disciplines. You can book your trial lesson on this page.

The standard option is two lessons per week (60 minutes each), but it’s entirely up to you. You can take only 1 lesson a week, but we recommend that you practice at home for at least one hour a day. Everything depends on your desire and your goals. If you are an advanced performer and sufficiently self-disciplined, the teacher may need to supervise you only once a month. However, remember that for you to see real progress in your discipline, you need to be monitored by a professional, especially during the early stages of the study. Therefore, we recommend two lessons per week (60 minutes each) in addition to practicing your instrument at home. This approach gives the fastest results.

We provide all the necessary materials like sheet music, TABS, methods books, studies, etc., free of charge. Moreover, Edora Music School teachers meet their students’ wishes. In our school, there is no “standard” or “unified” repertoire. You have the right to choose what you would like to play on your instrument, regardless of music style. Our teachers will select an individual repertoire according to your music performance skills and your preferences. If you are a beginner but wish to play difficult pieces of composers such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, etc., this is not a problem; your teacher will help arrange the musical composition you choose according to your skills. Vocal teachers will help you to find the perfect key to sing in, as well as backing tracks suitable for your voice. You may choose any piece/song/instrumental composition you want to study. Just ask your teacher!

You do not need to know sheet music if you choose something besides our “classical” music programs, i.e., acoustic/electric guitar, banjo, mandolin or vocals. In these programs, it is enough to know how to read TABS and chord boxes. If you want to learn classical guitar, piano, violin, or classical mandolin, you will be encouraged to study musical notation. Reading the sheet music is easy; it’s just a matter of practice. We guarantee that you will easily read any sheet music within a short time, thanks to the sight-reading development exercises.

Yes. Our teachers are available during the weekends.

The primary goal of Edora Music School is to provide high-quality service to our customers. We do not hire teachers without special musical education and teaching experience, and this is the main difference between Edora Music School and other sites that provide similar services. As practice shows, the administration of these sites has no idea about their freelancers’ competence. Unlike them, Edora Music School provides labor contracts only with certified teachers who have qualifications that we are confident in. All of our teachers have vast pedagogical experience, have graduated from the best European music academies, and have many awards for their performance as musicians.

Upon the request of our students (or their parents), we can provide the certificate of Teacher Qualifications and all necessary information by email.

Yes! You can go to the SKYPE LESSONS page or visit our official channel on YouTube, where you can find a vast number of video lessons that can be useful to you in your training, together with samples of online lessons with our students.

If you cannot find an answer to the question on this page, do not hesitate to e-mail us!